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This is Why I Give... | The DKMS Movement

The DKMS Movement

25 years ago, DKMS was born from one family’s devoted mission to find a matching bone marrow donor for their beloved mother. Although ultimately losing his wife Mechtild to leukemia, Dr. Peter Harf has kept his promise to her to try and help every blood cancer patient find a matching donor. Today, DKMS is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders by: creating awareness; recruiting bone marrow donors to provide a second chance at life; raising funds to match donor registration costs; supporting the improvement of therapies through research; and supporting patients from day one of their diagnoses.

Together we can inspire millions more to get involved!


Anya “Princess Anya the Overcomer” Le Francis,
Blood Cancer Survivor

Why do you give?
“I give because I want everyone to find a donor”

Christine Gabriel,
Blood Cancer Survivor

Why do you give?
“It’s the greatest gift you can give someone. A life!”

Jordan Segal,
DKMS Donor Recruitment Coordinator & Bone Marrow Donor

Why do you give?
“To give hope.”

Noah Friedman,
DKMS Bone Marrow Donor

Why do you give?
“Give other people the opportunity to live their dreams”

Robert & Prabitha Le Francis,

Why do you give?
“We give because everyone deserves a chance at life”

Quiana Parks,
Blood Cancer Survivor
DKMS Ambassador

Why do you give?
“Because it was given to me”

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This is Why I Give… is powered by DKMS. Every day we lead the fight against blood cancer by working with families, communities and organizations to recruit more potential bone marrow donors and save more lives.

Visit dkms.org for more information.